Larme 018 scans of my favorite pages

September 27, 2015

Hello everyone, Long time no see. I decided that I would just wait to blog again when I finished working my stressful job. Well, my last day was on Tuesday and a lot has been going on since then. It was a huge relief to be done with that job once and for all, it had gotten so awful by the end many people had quit before me and that made it extremely hectic. But it is still a bit hectic for me now since I am trying to move back into my mom's house while I prepared for my Trip to Tokyo on Saturday :O

I'm not prepared for traveling to Japan at all! I haven't packed, I've barely made an schedule or researched haha. There's just not enough time in a day. But one thing (two things actually) I do know about my upcoming trip is what I want to wear and what I want to buy :) And that is all thanks to my all time favorite magazine - Larme. The newest issue come out on September 17 and I had it preordered so it only took two days to reach me.

Really the joy I feel when I look through Larme is something I rarely feel in daily life. I get excited and inspired, reading Larme just makes me want to make a lot of coordinates and improve my style. It speaks to me with it's girly look with a touch of darkness :D Anyhow, please enjoy the scans I took of my favorite Larme 018 pages.

Update your bookmarks - moving to

August 18, 2015

Hello everyone! I haven't been keeping up with updating as I hoped, work has gotten even more hectic and stressful (something I didn't even think was possible). But I do have lots of ideas flying around in my head, and I know once I get back to Japan things will be different in my life and around here on my blog. To get a jump on things changing I'm finally doing something I have been thinking about doing for a while now - getting a domain!

So this is my notice that moments like diamonds will be ending and will be starting. It's a nice timing in my life as I really want a new chapter, and to leave the past couple of years behind. Please make sure to update any bookmarks or subscriptions. I'm going to make this url redirect to my new domain so hopefully everything will be working and looking good.

Also you may have noticed the new template, I'm really happy with how this blog looks with it. Much more trendy and up to date. I think it will also let me incorporate more informative and professional looking articles. Anyhow can't wait to get going!

Larme 017 magazine scans and favorites - img hvy

July 28, 2015

Hello good evening friends. I can blog for you today finally because I took a mini "vacation" from work, I used 2 personal days and lined them up with my 2 days off so that I could be free of that grueling schedule for a little bit haha. The change in my mood and body is already evident, it's so sad I'll have to go back, but I'm trying not to think of that right now.

Last week my copy of my precious manual Larme arrived at my door step. Every issue is so exciting to me, looking through all the beautiful images and outfits is so inspiring for me. It's really nice to feel like I click with a fashion. The makeup, the hair, the models are all very appealing and enjoyable to look at. So I thought why not share some of my favorites again! I share my faves from the 012 issue previously.

Larme 017 is a late summer issue, so there are a lot of great outfits for the last bit of the hot days facing us as well as some transitional outfits for early autumn. I'm happy to see that a lot of the trends I love (one color outfits, pastels, fur, pom pom etc) will return this autumn. Though this issue didn't have a bunch of outfits I thought the articles were all very cute.

* Sponsor review * Fairy Con Princess in violet circle lens

July 12, 2015

Hello again everyone! It was hard work but I made myself blog more than once so far this month, what an accomplishment! Haha. Well I'm almost caught up on my sponsored reviews so soon I'll be able to write some different types of blog posts, as long as I make myself take the time to do so haha. Maybe if I blog more it will take my mind off of work and make the time until I travel back to Japan go quicker as well :D

Today I get to review another 1 day lens from Pinkicon, this time was not as foreign to me since I tried the Twinkle Eyes in pink last week. But I actually took the photos for this review together during a long break during my work day on Friday. I thought it would be good to wear these when I went back to work after to see how they preformed in daily life!

These lenses were fairly easy to apply, they are not too thin so they don't flop much when you put them in your eyes. However I did notice the printing on the lens does not go very close to the edge. So I'm not sure the diameter measurement on these lenses is accurate. But the quality is very nice, and like I said before daily lenses are very convenient! When they started getting irritating I could just take toss them out and keep working.

Natural light
With flash
Side view
Like I said they printed design on these lenses doesn't go near the edges, and as 14.2 mm lens they are not very enlarging. So I would most certainly recommend these for daily wear (which is perfect since they are daily lenses haha) and for more light looks/makeup. You won't get a large dolly eye look from these, but they are enough to be noticeable. All my co-workers noticed them right away and complimented them!

The color is very lovely, it's strong and bold without being all unnatural. I think they would be more subtle on dark eyes (still obviously violet however) but on light eyes the violet shade is very purple. The blue of my own iris stood out a bit in contrast to the lens, but a couple people said they liked how that looked. The design is simple, but it is tasteful and cool.

Comfort wise, I would say these lenses are average. I thought they would be more comfortable like the Twinkle Eyes lenses, but I felt more irritation and lack of clarity with them. But that isn't to say I couldn't wear them long. I wore them for 8 hours, a good chunk of my work day! I think the ideal length of time to wear them is 6 hours however, to avoid any discomfort and for your eye health. I would love to wear these to work everyday haha.

Overall I did like these lenses, they were perfect for the situation I used them for - daily life and work. They went very well with my Larme style makeup (I used a bit heavier black eyeliner this time and I like how it turned out!) but I could see them going with more cool type makeup and gyaru obviously. Make sure to check out for more Japanese circle lenses! It's a great way to get ahold of your favorite Japanese models' lenses!

* Sponsor Review * Twinkle Eyes rose pink circle lens

July 8, 2015

Hello good evening everyone. How is your summer going so far? For me it has been entirely uneventful, spending all my days and nights at work and trying to recoup whenever I am not there haha. I did do a little tweaking on the blog layout here, and that made me strongly want to begin blogging more. Looking over my past entries I just thought about how fun it was to share all my experiences and thoughts with everyone.

Right now all I have time and mental energy for are doing my sponsor reviews, but I will be going back to Japan soon (it's what's keeping me going at this point) so I know I will start up my blog in full then. I also plan to finally buy a domain! But anyhow I hope you will enjoy this pink circle lens on light eyes review!

Your lenses from Pinkicon come with a lovely manual! approached me again to review some of their daily wear circle lenses a while ago (this review is long overdue TT) and I was very interested in the offer! I have never used daily 1 time contacts before so it was a new experience. First off it was very strange to not open these the night before and let them soak 8+ hours. I was able to just pop open the pull-back lid and insert them on my eyes. I think this is very convenient as you can travel with them, or put them in your bag to wear later without worry about them leaking.

Because they are 1 time use, I found them to be a lot thinner and breathable than my usual 1 year circle lenses. They don't have to hold up as long so they can be made of more comfortable material. I found I was able to wear them a little over 8 hours before my eyes got too irritated and I had to take them out. It was also strange just tossing them in the waste bin after! But again they were comfortable and convenient.

The pattern on the lens is quite nice and natural, it features a few colors in a striated design that closely blends in with your own iris. However these are designed for dark eyes so rather than gentle pink lenses they show up like a murky hazel on my light eyes. It isn't terribly unnatural or anything, but the lovely color of these lenses is lost on light eyes. I'd love to try the Twinkle Eyes Sky Grey, I think those would be perfect for light eyes!

As for enlargement, these do a decent job, they are 14,5mm so you will get a nice dolly eye without it being too alien like. They are a big difficult to apply, again because they are thinner, they tended to fold in on themselves when I tried to get them in haha. I liked how they filled up my eye but looked natural enough to wear with Larme-kei.

Overall I was very happy with the Twinkle Eyes in rose pink, it would not be my first color choice as I know pink doesn't work on me. But I really like how comfortable they are and that I can carry them with me on the go easily. You can get a set of 5 pairs on here! Pinkicon ships quickly and it one of the few webshops I've seen selling lenses you can get in Japan online!