Canmake cream cheek #4 vitamin orange review

Good morning! I just woke up, even though I really felt like sleeping more. Perhaps I will have to take a nap later (or sooner haha) but I thought while I'm up I might as well blog again. Perhaps my last post was not so interesting, or what people want to see about me haha! So today I will write something useful^^

At first, I thought orange blush was cute but not something I could or would use. I felt it was designed for the golden tones of tanned girls, and that the color would stand out in a strange way against my very white skin. But then I began thinking "I have red hair, and orange might look good with my hair color since they are both warm colors". After that point I got curious about trying orange blush.

Canmake Cream Cheek #4 Vitamin Orange

After using the Dollywink blush and being very impressed with it, I wanted to try their orange blush but I was nervous about outlaying that much cash on something that could potentially be very wrong haha. I had seen Canmake's cream cheek blush around the blog world a bit, and it's about half the price of Dollywink blush. So I decided to try that.

The packaging of Canmake cream cheek blush is very simple, there is no outer cardboard box, the plastic case is very cute however and looks like a little jewel. There is no applicator brush included because as a cream based blush, this item is best applied using your hands.

Me wearing the Canmake cream cheek (with messy hair haha)

The consistency of the blush is indeed very creamy, it's soft and easy to pick up on your finger. However it absorbs quickly into your skin, so it does not create a highly pigmented look when applied. I actually apply 2 or more layers to get that right orangy hue.

I heard that it's difficult to blend Canmake cream cheek blush, but I didn't have much trouble with that. I just used small amounts, stopping to blend for awhile, and then applying another thin layer. Building up the color and shaping it in increments seems to work well enough.

Showing the blush in another light

I was very pleased with my purchase, and I would recommend it. It's not nearly as bold as Dollywink blush, but for my light skin tone I think that worked in my favor. I really liked the color, and I think the quality is quite good for the price. I had an easy time using it, and it creates a very cute/different look compared to the typical pinkish blushes^^

Wow, I was just looking at prices for imported Canmake cream cheek blush, and it's more than double the original price... But if you can find it for a good price, you should check it out!
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  1. I'm very unsure what to think about orange blush. I think I have to try it on my skin first and then fall a decision whether I like it or not :DD

    But it suits you very good! I'll definitely try this one! Thank u :33

  2. wow... looks gorgeous on you...
    so natural looking blush...
    Hope I can try canmake products too:(

  3. Great. Photos. You look especially good in the second one. :-)

  4. It's a gorgeous colour. It's like a nicer version of a bronzer

  5. o! i actually like that color alot,i think it looks quite pretty on you,i have really bronzed skin atm,wonder how it would look on me.

  6. It looks great on you! I knew the orange would look nice :) If it can look okay on my pale skin, then I think it is good for most pale girls like us. I think it is such a fun color, because it is so different from a lot of blush out there.

  7. The blush looks very pretty on you. You're pretty too so I reckon anything you wear will look good on you. ;)

  8. I've never thought about using Orange, since I actaully don't like that colour, but your review makes me wanna try it out! :-))

    But it looks so pretty on you! :-))
    I love the second shot of you!

  9. By the way I really want to try orange, but....i'm already kinda orange, what will it look like DX

  10. You are stunning, simply stunning, I think that second picture is definitely your angle-work it giiirrrl!!!

    Its so funny this version of you and the one from the post below...its almost like too different people!

  11. Nice! That was a great buy(^・w・^)//♥

  12. It looks really good on you!
    I wanted to achieve this look too but I bought SilkyGirl's blusher.

  13. orange blush is to die for and it looks so pretty on you! so summer! <3

  14. You can definitely pull off this orange blush! It looks great on you :)

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  16. it looks great on u ^^ i wanna try canmake :3

  17. Oooh~ I love how it looks on you! I've had my eye on an orange blush for a while now and I think when I have the money I'll totally try it out~
    Lovely review~ Hope you have a wonderful day! :D

  18. looks great on u!

  19. I think it looks GREAT on you, bb!! ♥
    It's funny that I thought the total opposite of orange blush, haha~ I think it looks better on fair-skinned girls rather than tanned ones, but it seems we were both wrong ;D
    That's weird that people said it was hard to blend since I don't have a problem with that either... I do agree that it's not as pigmented as it could be, so I'm anxious to try the Candy Doll one now~

  20. It looks lovely!! Please to be giving me XD hehe

    I am really hating shipping services right now, I was lookin at £50 just for the WC deco stickers!! D:

  21. This blush looks super nice on you! It complements your red hair. =D

  22. Preety make-up! that blush looks great on you!

  23. I love this colour on you,the candy doll was lovely too:)You wear both well:D Im still a little unsure about orange blush,but I will definitely think about giving this one a go.I recently got a Topshop cream blush and their just so nice to work with:)

    btw Ichibankao has Canmake for a reasonable price (at least i think it is) its approx $13 there ~

  24. Hm I think it looks okay on you, but I would definetly not go for an orange blush hehe xP

  25. When I first read the words "blush" and "carrot" in the same sentence here, I went "WHAAAAT?! No way, gross!"

    That's being said, the "vitamin carrot" color is very flattering on you! It's less sweet and dolly-looking than the dollywink pink you reviewed earlier, and I think gives you a little edgier look than you could achieve with a pink blush. You look awesome and so cool!! <3

  26. It looks very lovely on you and I like your eyeliner.
    I fear eyeliner…lol!

  27. this cream blush fits you very well *____*
    You look sooooo cute <3

  28. what a lovely color on you :) <3 it's very pretty..i haven't tried orange blush before but seeing your photos makes me want to try it! i wonder if it will look ok on tanner girls ?

    and i really like how the packaging looks like a jewel .. ^_^

  29. kawaii!!! you've got flawless skin! ^_^


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