I did sweets deco for the first time!

Good morning everyone, how did it get to be Saturday?? It's my friend's birthday today, and I feel bad I haven't yet said "Happy Birthday" but time has gotten past me again. Luckily I am not so out of it that I forgot to blog or something haha! I realized that I am pretty far behind on my Japan Trip 5 travel writeups, and I leave for Japan again in only 13 days. I'd better hurry up XD

I just wanted to share with you the little craft project I worked on last night. From the title of this post you might be able to figure out what the craft was haha! Yes, I made a sweets deco for the first time. I've always been interested in deco, especially sweets deco because it seems less likely to be messed up by someone like me.

All the stuff I used to make the deco

I had a few bento boxes from the Daiso that were languishing (I have like 6 bento boxes, and when do I ever pack my lunch? Never! haha) and I thought they might be good for storing jewelry in. So, I decided to deco them with the couple of deco products I picked up this past time in Japan.

Adding the fake cream

The first thing I did was use brown puff paint to create the look of dripping melted chocolate along the top edge of the lid. It took a long time to dry so I had to wait a day before I could do anything more. After that I could use the bag of Whipple fake cream to cover the rest of the lid. That was the most time consuming part I think, since the fake cream didn't really want to come out.

I didn't have many deco parts, but I used all the little cute things I had. I used a ice cream cone keychain, a donut that came from a bath fizzer, an ice cream deco piece, a donut eraser, a little cookie I made from Model Magic and lots of little jewels and stickers. I had some empty space so I added the heart lock in the front, even though it's not a sweet haha!

The final product!

A close up

The heavy deco pieces ended up sinking as the fake cream dried, so I have to figure out how to prop the big pieces up properly next time.

It was a super fun craft, and it didn't take too much time so I really want to try and do another sweets deco soon. I think having more deco pieces will make the final product look more interesting. I guess I will have to pick some up during Japan Trip 6 haha^^
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  1. this bento box(jewelry box now) looks really cute and the deco parts - especially the ice cream :)
    thats a great idea and birthday gift

  2. oh wow, that is very cute!! i always wanted to try deco with the fake cream but never got around to it! i might want to try it out now! <3 everything looks so delicous.. i think the heart lock adds a nice touch - and i love the dripping chocolate

  3. This is so great, especially for your first piece.
    I don't think I could do anything this good.

    I really love it, but the dripping chocolate hyas to be the best!!

  4. How interesting! As a Japanese I never thought of using Bento box for jewelry box or anything. Bento box is nothing but a bento box for bento to me. XD But it's a good idea to use the one for sweets deco.

    I've never tried heavy deco pieces. When I did this (http://tokyokawaiietc.com/archives/3184) all the parts and the area were so small I didn't experience deco parts sinking into the cream. Also the cream was a left over from Decotti, which needs a couple of days to dry.

    Sweets deco is fun! :D
    You can get deco parts at ABC craft (http://tokyokawaiietc.com/archives/3092) or Yuzawaya (I'll write a post about it soon).

    Take care!

  5. So sweet!! :D
    It looks so yummy, I really like the dripping chocolate <3

  6. hi,
    Your really lucky to be in Japan..:)
    I wanna go there badly!!!:3
    I just love everything about Japan, the fashion, the makeup, the technology, the weather, everything!!! hahah :) Hope you're enjoying Japan...:) Next Stop --> Korea!!! Lol :)

    btw: ur sweet deco. is so so kawaii!!! its really good enough to eat!! <3

    Much Love,
    enchi :3

  7. That looks like it was very fun to make, and hard to resist eating, lol.

  8. Sooooo suuuper cute *_*
    I'm in love with everything :)

  9. its soo cute!! i love how you did the chocolate drips :D~

  10. it looks soooo cute and deliciouse *____*

    good job ;)

    I love the shoko-Ice the most <3

  11. OMG this looks SO cute!!!! You did a great job!

  12. i would'nt have thought it was yours first time o_O

  13. Yay!!! I love deco! x3 I think it looks so real (most of the time XD) it's worth showing it everywhere! It's like when you eat something super pretty! Some cake or whatever, and you wish everyone could see it...

    I specially love the ice-cream cone *_* looks so yummy.

    For being your first try, it came out super cute x3 (I've seen really bad deco, though I've never did anything myself)
    Some deco things would be a great prize for your next giveaway for example!

  14. Aw, that looks so cute...and delish! XD Great job!

  15. It's adorable (^O^)
    Looks good enough to eat XD at first I thought you bought it in Japan.

  16. Looks so cute! Cute enough to eat :P Hahahah.

  17. that's just so cute and it looks absolutely yummy! :3

  18. can i ask,what did u use to bond the items to the box?

  19. Aww, very cute! Good idea how to use the Bentô Box if not for food :D
    What a coincidence that I decorated my Cam too today XD

  20. omg! Sara this looks amazing!! this is too cute! I really hope I too, can deco something soon!!

  21. omg so cute ^^ i wanna try too :3 and nice job :3

  22. it's so cute! love it <3

    I really have to try sweet deco too: I've been collecting sweet parts for a while now~

  23. That's lovely, well done! It just goes to show that if you challenge something, the results can be very nice indeed!

  24. omg i really want to do that too.. but i've always thought it's expensive so i didn't bother to do it.. i might do it one day... if i stopped buying clothing.. lol never going to happen..

    but great post

  25. u should make me one!

    i actually have more stuffed animals than that, like buckets full

  26. This posts makes me... so hungry haha

  27. Lovely, for your first try, you really mad a good job! :-)) I've never thought of using bento boxes for anything else, you really inspired me!!

    It must be hard to see the finisehd bento box and try not to eat it, hahahaha!

  28. Girl this is just way to precious!!

    I've never done dessert deco before but this just makes me wanna XD!

    This is torture! now I want sweets lol

  29. It's so cute~~! I love it♥!

  30. I always wanted to try those! But they're pretty pricey >< And I have no patience so I just buy the alreayd made ones. Bu this look great! :D I admire your decorating skills.

  31. pretty!!! now you make me wanna decorate my bento boxes hahaha to store stuffs instead of food... and yes apart from packing bread with ham in it I've never used it to really pack like rice and stuffs.

  32. It looks so difficult when you see the final result~ Really cool!

  33. That's so awesome! Sweet deco is my favorite, but it must be difficult to look at when you're trying to lose weight!

  34. I've always wanted to do Sweet Deco too. X_X I LOVE that whip cream stuff. I have a ring that I bought from someone and the whip cream is kinda soft and I poke it all the time :P

  35. Japan Trip 6 already??! Damn girl, your friend is so good to you letting you stay at his house so much, I hope you give him lots and lots of free English lessons and cook for him all the time! J/K

    PS Enjoy yourself! I can't wait to see even more Japan Trip pics!

  36. OH. MY. GOSH. That is SO CUTE!!!! I love sweets deco too - maybe we should get together sometime and make cute things!! We could have something in common again, haha. XP That's super cute, great job!!

  37. HhOooo my, that looks delicious! And i love Daiso! haha.

  38. I always wanted to try this (^_^)
    I think you made a very cute box
    very sweet

  39. damn cuuuuute!
    i haven't managed to do any deco myself as of yet, but when I get to upgrade my phone in October, im planning on doing my phone Anna Sui style : D!

    Japan in 13 days! you lucky lucky thing! I booked my flights on Friday : D

  40. OMO!!! so sweet and pretty! looks yummy! ahahaha!
    i wish i could find stuff for that craft... =)

    Awesome job! ^__^

  41. omg! u r sooo creative! i really love this! omg! i wish i can buy those kind of things here in usa so i could make something like that!


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